Winning competitions is one of the least important aspects of entering into sport as reported in a survey of 1,400 families. The most important is improved self–esteem. To understand this, it is important to recognize that belonging to a group is the base for building self–esteem. This concept is one of the guiding principles in Sport Canada and the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

It is a statistical fact that competitive fencers do better in school and most competitive fencers go to University. Ontario is getting better and better at offering an active competitive tournament schedule for all levels of fencers — youth, cadet, junior, senior and veterans.

Preparation for competition is important, taking into account athlete experience and abilities. In order to prepare, we offer guidance in psychology of performance, developing athletic abilities, annual training plans and access to development camps in Ontario.

Coach Scott will help prepare you for this pathway if you have an interest and desire to immerse yourself in the high–energy and highly rewarding world of competition.

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