Pathways for the participant are nearly limitless. Fencing can be recreational, an athletic endeavour or for some a career. One may volunteer at the local, regional or provincial level. One can become a referee, an armourer or coach. Or, like Coach Scott, become a Jedi.

For the Athlete, the CFF armband program is used to set attainable, task oriented goals. This armband program lays out clear development standards that are targeted to the individual. The armband program is a cooperative tool that helps direct coaching, athlete development and reporting to ensure the best possible use of training time. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is the primary teaching method that is used to empower athletes to take responsibility for their own development while being guided by coaching staff.

For more information on LTAD and CFF armband program, go to the Coaches Association of Canada and Canadian Fencing Federation that you can find on our links page.

Armband Tests

Yellow                                            $12 by appointment
Orange, Green, Blue             $20 by appointment